La vengeance

February 6, 2008

The Christian Fundamentalists and their president have destroyed America’s economy, civil liberties, and even ability to protect itself. The U.S. under Bush is different from South Africa under Apartheid only in the degree to which it has become pariah in the international community. In short, the GOP and the Fundies have a lot to answer for.

Would it not be great just desserts if this Presidential race turned out to be between a heretic Mormon and an apostate Muslim? It might be exactly what is needed to convince the world that America has regained some control of itself.


2 Responses to “La vengeance”

  1. Right All The Time Says:

    Your bigoted, ignorant opinions demonstrate the incredible degree to which you are a Fascist. Blaming a particular religious segment for all of a Nations’ problems? Hmmm, sounds familiar. Typical left wing fascist a-hole.

  2. I’m glad to see that “Right ‘All’ (some of) The Time” acknowledges that Fascism isn’t a (typically) Right-wing ideology — although it certainly isn’t a typically (American) Left-wing one either. Fascism’s roots do dig deep into the soil of collectivism though, and they strangle the resources of all life within their reach, or at least the resources of those without wealth and connections.

    As for blaming the Neo-cons, and their theocratic conspirators for the nation’s problems, well, if they don’t want the responsibility for having worn the footwear, they shouldn’t have tried so hard to wear it.

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