Minority? Average? This ones for you!

January 21, 2008

Racists, who have in the past supported Ron Paul because of his support for the restoration of constitutional freedoms, are now boycotting Paul because Paul has clarified that he is not a racist. Paul, in fact, supports civil rights and considers Martin Luther King, Jr. a personal hero.

The white nationalists, and similar groups, are boycotting today’s Ron Paul – Martin Luther King Day fund raiser (FreeAtLast2008.com). They are actively blogging and posting comments to newsgroups telling whites to give their money to the racist group StormFront instead.

For those who oppose freedom, who oppose liberty, this would seem to be a good thing. Reports of it are going to send a profound message via the media, which is: there is little support for freedom in America if it includes freedom for minorities.

Minorities should therefore be very concerned about the outcome of today’s Paul-MLK fundraiser and of Dr. Paul’s campaign in general.

While Paul has clearly attracted supporters of all colors and opinions, he himself is a passionate libertarian: a person who believes that all people are created equal and should be treated equally, so long as they do not use force or fraud against other people.

This means, for instance, that Paul considers taxation to be theft. The government is taking money from you without your consent. During 20 years in Congress, Paul has never once voted for a tax increase. In fact, in 20 years in Congress, Paul has never voted for anything that was unconstitutional at all. All the other politicians in Washington despise him as “Dr. No” (well perhaps, expect for Dennis Kucinich).

What else does Dr. Paul support? He supports

  • …stopping the drug war: the drug war is a war on minorities trying to make a living in what is often the only way available to them. And who is their market? Wealthy white kids and often their parents? However they don’t go to jail do they? Ron Paul wants to let people function in a free market and to be responsible for their own bodies
  • …pardoning all those convicted of non-violent, victimless crimes (drugs, prostitution, etc.) If they haven’t hurt anyone, there is no reason for your loved ones to be in prison. Ron Paul has advocated mass pardons
  • …stopping the war in Iraq, in which a hugely disproportionate number of minority servicemen are being killed to support an oil grab that mostly only benefits the white owners of wealthy corporations. Let the suburban, country-club folk pay for their own war, with the lives of their own kids, then we can talk. Until then, stop the war
  • …reforming the judicial system to address racial sentences disparities. Ron Paul believes everyone should be equal before the law, both before and after the verdict!
  • …reforming the monetary system so that the government cannot further tax you by deflating the value of your savings through inflating prices. At present, independent economists outside the U.S. (not on the Bush payroll) estimate U.S. inflation to be above 10%; for food, some suggest it may be as high as 30%! That means the same bottle of milk that you paid $2.00 for last year, is now costing you $2.60. That 60 cents is a hidden tax on you that the government is using to pay for their war. 60 cents that is being used to kill innocent Iraq women and children (over 100,000 civilian dead so far)

Now there is the issue of the newsletters. They were written by people who had licensed Paul’s name after he left Congress in order to run a medical practice. Paul had 5 kids to put through college, 3 of them through medical school. He couldn’t do that on a congressman’s salary, so he quite and went back to medicine. He also licensed his name to some people who wanted to write an investment newsletter using his name (and reputation) as a monetary expert. Dr. Paul himself was too busy delivering babies to edit the newsletters. It was unfortunate that he didn’t have more time. Some pretty horrible language was used in the columns under his name.

However, and this is the critical point, Paul didn’t write those offensive words and he has officially condemned them, repeatedly.

The continuing hysteria surrounding the newsletters is being whipped up by Paul’s political enemies, the enemies of equality and freedom for the common man: mostly amongst the wealthy East-coast liberal (white) elite, but also within the ultraconservative ranks of the Christian Coalition and the Fox News network. Politics does indeed make for strange bed fellows. And who is sleeping with whom is often quite revealing. (Ironically, Paul is a devout Christian, not one of those “only show up on Sunday when the cameras are around types.”)

By contrast, average Americans, black and white, know, by listening with their own ears, that Ron Paul is not a racist. Common men and women, can see that Ron Paul is an equalitarian by his actions. They do not need a fancy magazine written by wealthy (white) Ivy League editors to tell them how to judge their political candidates.

So what can you do?

Donate today! It doesn’t have to be much. Every little bit can help. Contributions can be made at FreeAtLast2008.com or at RonPaul2008.com.

Next, vote for Ron Paul in your primary. (Keep in mind you may have to temporarily change your party affiliation to Republican to do this — and their are deadlines to change your affiliation.)

Yes, it is true, Ron Paul is not likely to win the Republican nomination, but a strong showing by Ron Paul will demonstrate clearly that the wealthy elite can no longer control the agenda. A vote for Paul sends a message. It tells the elite that the common man, regardless of color or ideology, will no longer be held down and ignored.

After the primary, you can change you party affiliation back to your first preference. Vote for Obama, if he’s gains the Democratic nomination. If he doesn’t. I’d suggest you not vote at all.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, scares a politician as much as someone not voting.


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