What do we know?

January 9, 2008

The Reverend has refused to release the contents of the 600 sermons he preached to fundamentalist Southern Baptist congregations, and no copies or recordings have become public so far. However we can guess the contents.

Even after Huckabee entered politics and presumably started to watch his mouth, he still couldn’t keep from spouting off about interning AIDS victims. It is easy to imagine that what he was saying before he went into politics was a lot scarier — especially given that, as recently as November, he was personally hanging out with homophobes, and even personally attending a Christian Reconstruction fundraiser held in his name.

The Reconstructionist, also sometimes called Dominionists, are the Christian “Taliban.” Their aim? To overthrow of the Constitution, and implement Mosaic law in America. The movement first came to light under the leadership of the now fortunately deceased Rousas John Rushdoony. Unfortunately his followers continue on, lead and supported by Rushdoony’s son-in-law, home-school activist Gary North, along TV preachers such as James Kennedy,Huckabee fundraiser, Steven Hotz, and even international groups like Watchmen on the Walls.

Just to be clear, the Reconstuctionist playbook would allow for the stoning of homosexuals (along with adulterers, heretics and a long list of others.). Why put the little buggers in pens when you can just kill them? It’s a lot cheaper if you don’t have to feed them. Hmmmm, where have we seen that line of thinking before? You’d think that someone would be alarmed.

So where is the (supposedly liberal) media’s effort to dig up copies or recordings of those old Huckabee sermons?

You would think that to gay journalists, such as Jamie Kirchick, that Huckabee’s association with fag killers would be of a lot more interest than Ron Paul’s supposed association with fag name callers. But you’d be wrong.

Instead the Reconstructions are given a hall pass, even though they are infinately more racist and homophobic. The media even let Huckabee keep his pass after he refused to recant his homophobic AIDS comment months ago. It is easy to guess that this is because both the Reconstructionists and Huckabee are devout defenders of an interventionist U.S. foreign policy formed around the best interests of particular other country. Paul, however, speak the ultimate heresy by suggesting that American tax dollars and America’s military should be tasked with defending America.

Ron Paul has at least taken responsibility and apologized for the nasty language that a contractor printed, without his knowledge, in a newsletter that was apparently licensed to print under Paul’s name. Huckabee however, is sticking by his homophobic positions, and keeping his old papers safely tucked away.

And no one seems to care, not even Jamie Kirchick.


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