Blood on his hands

January 9, 2008

The lasting contribution of Ron Paul’s campaign will be in it having incited neo-cons masquerading as libertarians to expose themselves. Namby-pamby liberal accusations about hurtful speech would not scare off any true advocate of liberty. (Take note, Andrew.) However, fair-weather patriots will run for cover and neo-con moles will exploit such accusations as a way to further undermine true libertarianism. Jamie Kirchick has exposed himself as a foreign agent, a mole working to undermine American liberty. Further, by undermining the sole anti-war voice in the presidential campaign, he has weakened the anti-war movement. That means American money will continue to pay that much longer for the deaths of innocent Iraqi civilians. How many more, another 10,000, another 100,000? We can’t know, but that additional blood will be on the hands of Mr. Kirchick. The irony is that he may not care.


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