Say it ain’t so!

January 8, 2008

I’m not sure what to make of this, since everyone knows that only Caucasian Americans are racist, but perhaps the White disease has become contagious…

CNN is reporting that an Indian cricket player has been suspended after being charged with calling an Australian cricket player a “monkey.” CNN ia even hosting a poll to inquire if India should cancel, or be kicked out of their current tour in Australia because of the incident.

The Australian player is of West Indian descent (indirectly African). The Indian player looks pretty typically Indian. So what we have are two overgrown children arguing over who is browner, and no one has the courage to laugh. Some white guy also got in on the action by calling the brown guy a bastard for calling the browner guy a monkey. It was scary enough when such silliness just went on in California, but now it seems to be happening everywhere (although California seems to be growing out of it, slowly).

Apparently no independent party actually heard the “M-word” uttered, nor was it recorded, so what may be “catching” isn’t racism, but rather political correctness.

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