How could we ever have thought…

January 7, 2008

…that John McCain stood for anything worth standing for. Like for instance, civility?

First he makes fun of Ron Paul on national television, childishly taunting the doctor over his arbitrary exclusion from the Fox News candidates’ forum. Now John McCain has told NBC’s Meet the Press that, “I think he’s (Pakistan’s dictator General Pervez Musharraf) is a good man.” This is reported in the same story in which Musharraf accuses Benazir Bhutto of being responsible for her own death because she had the misfortune to stand up in front of an assassin.

Does John McCain think that every ass is a good man, or only asses who are dictators? And does he routinely make fun of every man who defends democracy and the Constitution, or perhaps only those who aren’t dictators?


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