He can’t help it.

January 7, 2008

Before you get too harsh on John McCain, remember that we are all products of our upbringing. (At least according to them liberals!) McCain’s skewed values are likely the result of his poor upbringing.

What, you say? Wasn’t his father an admiral? Precisely, his father was that admiral, the one who traitorously cooperated in the cover up of the U.S.S. Liberty massacre in which 34 service men were murdered and another 173 severally injured by an U.S. ally.

What you’ve never heard of the U.S.S. Liberty? Click here to read what another admiral had to say about the coverup. Or try Googling “U.S.S. Liberty” to view dozens of websites written by U.S.S. Liberty survivors who are still, after 40 years, bitterly fighting for recognition and justice.


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