Doubting Thomas For President!

January 7, 2008

A website comment:

The good Reverend Huckabee has refused to release copies the over 600 sermons he preached has a Southern Baptist minister. Supposedly they are lost. Baloney. Most preachers, including my brother, keep detailed records of all of their sermons — mostly because they plagiarize from themselves, routinely. That’s why you hear the same words every almost every holiday.

So far, not a single audio tape has emerged into public record either. At my church, almost every sermon is recorded so that it can be played back for shut-ins, at nursing homes, in hospitals, etc. That has been the practice for decades since recording technology became cheap in the 1970s. Usually there are a few individuals recording on their own as well.

It is not believable that there are no written or audio records of Huckabee’s 600+ sermons. Thus we have to wonder, what is it that Huckabee and his congregates are ashamed of. Was it something he said? Is it shame of their own beliefs? — and isn’t being ashamed of your beliefs following in the footsteps of Thomas? Given that, Huckabee hardly appears to be a Christian worth following.


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