R.I.P. O.B.L.?

January 6, 2008

Watch this video of Benizar Bhutto being interviewed by Sir David Frost on the BBC. It was recorded in early November 2007, less than two months before Bhutto was murdered. Bhutto’s amazing revelation comes approximately six minutes into the 14 minute interview. Please take the time to watch, what she says is earthshaking.

Keep in mind, this is the twice democratically elected leader of a friendly country, a women educated at Oxford, a women who delicately managed to achieve election as the first female leader of a muslim country, a woman who was recently martyred for her efforts to restore democracy to her country. She isn’t some conspiracy nut.

Bhutto makes the comment about bin Laden almost in passing, as though it is something of which everyone in Pakistan already knows. And, Frost doesn’t even respond to the statement, as though everyone in Britain already knows about it too.

So why, in America — the home of the “free press” — are we only now hearing about this, two months after Bhutto’s statement? And why are we hearing about it not from news organizations, but from privately posted overseas videos effectively smuggled into the American purview via the Internet?!


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