From the Birchers…

December 31, 2007

Please remind me, why is it we are supposed to think these people are crazy?

Top 10 Inconvenient Truths of 2007
click for full article)
By Jim Capo

#10 Al Gore’s Nobel Prize-garnering movie on global warming was produced without scientific review or oversight.

#9 By honest accounting standards the US federal government as well as many American households are bankrupt.

#8 Adultery has destroyed more families in America than homosexuality.

#7 Any border fence capable of keeping illegal immigrants out of the county will be equally effective in keeping legal citizens in the country.

#6 The creation of our money out of thin air by the Federal Reserve is an immensely regressive tax.

#5 A gold standard is no more intrinsically good than a fiat system is intrinsically evil.

#4 The Patriots are not going to beat the Packers in the Super Bowl.

#3 Global warming is population control repackaged.

#2 A pre-emptive/aggressive war meets none of the requirements for a just war in Christian theology.

#1 (looking ahead a few weeks) Ron Paul may or may not win the GOP nomination for president. BUT… not matter the outcome, he will show up at the GOP convention with enough delegates who are actually his supporters that he will be able demonstrate conclusively that our current election process is only slightly less rigged than the one which was used to create the Iraqi National Congress.


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