Marriage, by any other name

September 4, 2006

I continue to be disappointed in gays and libertarians for their lack of integrity when it comes to the polygamy issue. Their contortions to trying to come up with a reason why polygamy is different than same sex marriage would be amusing if it wasn’t such a sad display of failed character. It’s not at all dissimilar to African Americans flailing about trying to come up with reasons against gay civil rights. Pathetic really. Marriage was, is, and always will be a religious institution and in a secular democracy the government has no business advocating any form of it, let a lone picking and choosing based on the whims of currently popular opinion, religious or otherwise. If a church wants to sanctify polygamy, it should be allowed to, if it doesn’t, it shouldn’t have to. We should have enough integrity to say out loud though that Christians have no right to manipulate society through government and that conversely the government shouldn’t be giving religious institutions, such as marriage, it imprimatur. As for secular joint-legal contracts, by any name, there is little of substantive difference between one form and another. Its just a contract and should only involve its signatories.



September 2, 2006

The most surprising thing for me about blogging, and yes, this is my first, is that no one leaves comments. I had expected just the opposite, especially with a site that is rather political. Anyone have any ideas on this?

Death by government? 

September 1, 2006

In response to the crash of Comair Flight 5191 (47 dead), the government-run air traffic control system is saying it isn’t responsible for being sure that a plane is on the right runway. Mmmmm, let’s think about that. Meanwhile, the Federal Aviation Administration is admitting that only a single traffic controller was staffed at the time of the accident, even though their safety policies require a minimum of two. I wonder if a private firm, one that could be sued by the families of 47 dead passengers, would be so blithe about cutting corners and shirking responsibility? Until someone figures out who is responsible for putting a plane on the correct runway, I’m thinking it might be wise to minimize flying in the US.